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Premio Architettura Toscana
Register: 14-04-2017 / Submit: 14-04-2017

Premio Architettura ToscanaArchitecture, Tuscany launches a challenge to contemporary architecture by means of the 1st Regional Award 6th March 2017 is the starting date for the Architectural Award organised by the Regional Council for Tuscany, Florence and Pisa Orders of Architects and the National Building Contractors’ Association (ANCE) to promote architectural excellence and its culture. A special section will be dedicated to opera prima work presented by young architects. The prize-giving ceremony and the exhibition will take place in July 2017 in the Palazzina Reale premises in the Santa Maria Novella railway station in Florence.

Contemporary architecture, Tuscany launches the challenge. The 1st Tuscan Architectural Award is officially opened, organised by the Regional Council for Tuscany, Pisa and Florence Orders of Architects, Tuscan Architects’ Federation, ANCE Tuscany and under the patronage of the National Council of Architects.

The Call for Entries in the 1st regional Architectural Award is already available on-line at to allow those wishing to participate to view the conditions, requirements and material requested. Registration will possible from 12.00 o’clock (noon) on Monday 6th March and will close at 24.00 o’clock (midnight) on Friday 14th April.

The Award has been created with the aim of stimulating a study of contemporary architecture as the protagonist of territorial transformation and of promulgating the culture of design as a
guarantee of environmental and civil quality.

The distinguishing feature of the Award is enhancement of the whole “production chain” involved in the accomplishment of a work of architecture, from the client to the designer and to the constructing company, because no single executor can be separated from any other if architecture of quality is to be achieved.

The Award aims to promote architecture as a social art, one in which the entire society participates and contributes in the plans for its own towns and territory. The Award is open to works completed in Tuscany in the five years preceding the date of publication of the notice, between 2012 and 2017.

Candidatures for the Award may be presented by architects working individually or in groups, whether publicly or privately employed. Work may be presented by the architect, the client or the constructing company that implemented the work.

The Award will cover five different categories: opera prima; restoration or recovery; set-up or interiors, public areas, landscapes and regeneration. Participants can submit only one work in each category. A single work can be presented in more than one category.

Calendar of the competition:
– Subscription to the competition and upload of the material: until 14th April 2017.
– Last day for submitting questions: 17th March 2017.
– Last day for submitting the documentation: 14th April 2017.
– Publication of the results: 05th June 2017.
– Prize ceremony and opening of the Exhibition: 06th July 2017.

Competition website: