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A project by Architeam
Cafezal House by FGMF Arquitetos

Cafezal House, São Paulo - Brazil, FGMF Arquitetosphoto © Rafaela Netto

Situated in a large site within a gated community, the House on the Cafezal was idealized with a simple starting point: a large covering standing 3,5m tall doubles as a 700m² porches within which the residential program is distributed, permeated by internal gardens.

Having its layout organized by the views and sun shading, Cafezal House was implanted on the highest point of the site and looks upon both the horizon and the leisure areas underneath – sauna, pool and barbeque area and the beach tennis court. The social area is mostly encased in glass, and is located amidst gardens that begin outside of the covering and continue under it in an architectural discussion about the buildings’ perceived limits and their relationship with its surroundings.

Cafezal House, São Paulo - Brazil, FGMF Arquitetosphoto © Rafaela Netto

Both the covering and the sides of Cafezal House were built in a light steel structure, being enveloped by thermoacoustic tiles on the outside. On the inside, a sustainable plastic material with an appearance similar to wood is near omnipresent, relating it to the surrounding gardens.

Pre-fabricated, low-maintenance building systems (i.e. the ceilings, glazing and enveloped steel structure), ease of maintenance and cleaning, maximum usage of natural lighting, high standards for temperature comfort, solar heating systems, well planned acoustic insulation, complete handicapped accessibility, security and salubrity. Cafezal House, São Paulo - Brazil, FGMF Arquitetosphoto © Rafaela Netto

Technical Data:

Photos © Rafaela Netto

Location: Campinas, São Paulo – Brasil

Site area: 6578,5 m²
Building area: 964,2 m²
Project Beginning: 2011
Construction completion: 2014

Authors: Fernando Forte, Lourenço Gimenes, Rodrigo Marcondes Ferraz
Coordinators: Ana Paula Barbosa, Marília Caetano, Sônia Gouveia, Renata Davi
Architects: Thyene Schmidt, Bruno Milan, Flávio Faggion, Juliana Nohara, Monica Harumi
Interns: Felipe Bueno, Carolina Matsumoto

Cafezal House, São Paulo - Brazil, FGMF Arquitetosphoto © Rafaela Netto

Builder: J A Construtora
Structural Engineer: LEstrut Engenharia (Jonathan Lucchini)
Electrical and Plumbing Engineer: Gavazzi Engenharia
Lighting Designer: Castilha Iluminação
Landscape Designer: Daniel Nunes
Ground analisys: Refor Sondas