ECOWEEK 2015 Thessaloniki



International Conference &
Sustainable Design Workshop
November 1-7, 2015
Thessaloniki, Greece

ECOWEEK is a non-governmental organization with the mission to raise environmental awareness and awareness on Climate Change and to promote the principles of sustainability. ECOWEEK conferences and workshops across Europe inspire and empower young architects to be active designers for the benefit of their communities.

The ECOWEEK International Conference & Sustainable Design Workshops is scheduled to take place in Thessaloniki, Greece in November 1-7, 2015. Participants to the event, among them young and established architects, landscape architects, designers and architecture students, will be joining from Greece, Germany, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Kosovo and Liechtenstein.

ECOWEEK participants will spend one week attending lectures and sustainable design workshops assigned real projects in local communities within the city of Thessaloniki. The workshops are led by local & international architects, landscape architects and designers and the themes are focusing on real urban sites in the city – schools, open space, public space, etc. The workshop proposals will be developed presented and made public with the intention of immediate or future implementation.

This year’s speakers are again from many different nationalities. Einar Jarmund (Norway), Michiel Smits (Holland), Gie Steenput (Holland), Thomas Kauertz (Germany), Johannes Peter Steidl (Liechtenstein), Martijn Schildkamp (Holland), Nikos Kehagias (Greece & Spain), Theodora Kyriafini & Fotini Lymperiadou euZen Architecture (Greece & Germany).

Short speakers’ CV you can find here.

Workshops are all already full booked before the early bird registration deadline expired.

However, stay tuned for new workshops to come in.

Workshops descriptions

W1 theme: Wood is in itself probably among the most sustainable materials available. It is in itself a considerable storage of CO2. Wood is easy to manufacture, and well suited for modern production methods such as CNC milling. The workshop will focus on development of a simple spatial structure made out of wood.

W2 theme: Public school 24 & 36 High School Gymnasium and 23 High School Lycee on Kassandrou street will be the subject of the workshop. A survey and understanding and re-design of the school based on guidelines of sustainability.

W3 theme: Autarchic (self-sufficient) design solutions for all (Greek & refugees) – to design interventions in Thessaloniki that increase the self-reliance and resilience of both inhabitants and refugees.

W4 theme: Helexpo Expo area in the city – the workshop will focus on the design of this vast area in the city center, which acts as a void rather than a connector to city life, proposing new uses and new integration in the city, based on the city needs and conditions.

W5 theme: Newspapers as a building material – building urban furniture out of newspapers.

W6 theme: Iconic design to attract people will be the main topic and to improve the actual urban situation of a neglected space near 3rd Septemberiou street.

W7 theme: Homelessness and a design challenge for the issue of homelessness.

W8 theme: Ski Resort in Nortern Greece: Development and Operation Plan.

W9 theme: The Art of Upcycling architectonics and composition and working with recycled, reclaimed and reused materials. It is a multi-disciplinary workshop, encouraging a diversity of disciplines to join. During the workshop the group will make objects of art, usable products, structural and architectonic solutions with the same type of waste material.

W10 theme: Area of Central Train Station The architectural proposal means to upgrade the features of this area, nodding city’s natural potential in respect to the landscape capability.

W11 theme: Discovering the unknown city. Designing one characteristic fragment of Thessaloniki’s urban wildscape that concentrates great potential and is waiting for its reclamation.

W12 theme: Nanotechnology inpired design. A unique interdisciplinary workshop investigating design solutions based on innovative nanotechnology buildings materials.

W13 theme: The space in between. The workshop will focus on the design of a temporary living environment, between hospitality atmosphere and ecology experience.

For more information about ECOWEEK, please visit ECOWEEK website:

Description of the event you can find at ArchiCalendar.
ArchiTeam this year take part as Communication Partner, you can find us there.

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