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Human Trafficking Competition Results

Human Traffickingarch out loud called on designers to examine the role architecture plays in combatting
the global epidemic of human trafficking.

Architectural research initiative arch out loud has released the winners of its’ Tenancingo
Square Mediascape international open ideas competition.

arch out loud challenged participants to reimagine the town square of Tenancingo, Mexico in
response to the prevalent issues of sex trafficking existing in the area. Designers explored the
catalytic potentials of architectural intervention, inciting positive change through the
introduction of a transformative mediascape. “Mediascape” is a program that arch out loud
suggests being the combination of a public landscape and connective media technologies, two
important components in the modern square.

Proposals from the competition raised the question: How might a modified square reshape
communal mindset and motivation, reconstituting the image of a town where exploitation has
become normalized? The proposed conversions aimed to both educate and empower,
reforming entrenched behavior. With proposals from both regional designers and designers
from other parts of the world, the competition brought forth a large variety of approaches to
an extremely sensitive, but immediate, societal problem. The various mediascapes reveal how
architecture plays one of the most important background roles to the shaping of society and

Being the first architectural competition to address human and sex trafficking, arch out loud
hopes that the culmination of this exploration is only the beginning of the field’s examination of
its’ role in the matter. arch out loud invites designers and organizations from all over the world
to continue engaging the topic.

Full results for the Tenancingo Square Mediascape competition can be viewed at:

The competition jury consisted of Tatiana Bilbao, Michel Rojkind, Hilary Sample of MOS, Ashley
Schafer of Praxis Journal, Anouk Legendre of XTU Architects, Nicolas Desmazières of XTU
Architects, Kathrin Susanna Gimmel of JaJa, Ana Cecilia Garza of S-AR, César Guerrero of S-AR,
Luis Callejas of LCLA Office, and People’s Architecture Office (PAO).

Human Trafficking, Parallel Realities1st Place: Parallel Realities
Participants: Paweł Kuczyński, Mikołaj Cierlak, Wojciech Losa
School: Politechnika Śląska
Location: Gliwice, Silesia, Poland

Human Trafficking, Under ConstructionRunner-up: Under Construction
Participants: Nikolaj Salaj, Tin Troha, Žan Šabeder
School: Fakulteta Za Arhitekturo Ljubljana
Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia

Human Trafficking, You are everywhere Runner-up: Seeing Voices
Participants: Roberto Rosales, Barbara González Miranda
Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Human Trafficking, Seeing VoicesRunner-up: You Are Everywhere
Participants: Soohyoun Nam, Hyejin Lee, Kyungjo Choi
Location: Gyeonggi, South Korea