Work begins on OMA’s unusual design for Taipei Performing Arts Center in Taiwan

Taipei Performing Arts Center


Taipei Performing Arts CenterRem Koolhaas’ extraordinary Taipei Performing Arts Center (TPAC) has now begun onsite following a groundbreaking ceremony on 16th February, 2012, attended by President Ma Ying-jeou, Mayor Hau Lung-pin, and representatives from OMA and local design partner Artech Architects.

Taipei Performing Arts CenterThe unusual form looks to challenge public preconceptions of generic theatre spaces, with a central cube clad in corrugated glass off which various performance volumes project. Once completed in 2015, the centre will include a 1,500-capacity theatre and two 800-seat theatres which can be combined into one immense performance space with a 60m-long stage for experimental art.
Adam Frampton, Associate-in-charge, explains: “The premise of the design is to combine three theatres into more than the sum of their parts. Similarly, the collaboration between the Taipei City Government, international and local architects, engineers and specialists, has yielded a collective result exceeding individual potential.”

Taipei Performing Arts CenterElevated from ground level, the main cube enables an existing thoroughfare to continue up and under the building volume, enveloping users and members of the public into a cavernous atrium space.

Taipei Performing Arts CenterRehearsal and technical areas are shared between the three theatres and are made visible to the public as David Gianotten, Partner at OMA, details: “TPAC engages a wide public not only by providing spaces for performances, but also through exposing parts of the backstage to the public. The general public will have a glimpse of performing arts production and a new theatrical experience.”


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