Yasu House by ALTS Design Office

Yasu House, Yasu - Japan, ALTS DESIGN OFFICE

Architect(s): ALTS Design Office

This project is a renovation of the house, which a couple who likes DIY took in hand, has lived long, and has loved, standing in the subdivision in Yasu City where many buildings of around 25 years line up. Their backside and neighboring premises were newly sold, and thus this project started in order to meet their needs to change the layout of rooms so as to be able to open to the garden because they wanted to spread the garden.

However, the refurbishment of the house with lightweight steel frame is slightly different from that of wooden buildings. Its pillars or walls cannot easily be taken away, and it has a limitation in space, and it is thus difficult to change its layout freely.

Therefore, we made a plan based on the concept to stick to materials and the feeling of space volume without changing the layout practically.

For each space volume, just making a difference in height between the ceiling and the floor, we design it so that you can feel gradual expansion from the internal private space toward the external space.

We do not dare to use flooring materials, but use scaffolding boards as flooring, thereby making the boards fit closely with their handmade tables and small artifacts. In addition, by daringly showing the framework of the steel frame that appeared at the time of dismantling, we design the house such that they will easily and freely be able to do DIY in the future. We also design it so as not to complete the space as much as possible, so that the couple will gradually be able to complete the space by themselves while living.

Architect(s): ALTS Design Office
Year: 2017
Location: Mikami, Yasu, Shiga, 520-2323 Japan
Photos © Fuji Shokai, Masahiko Nishida

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