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The Country of Sizes Without Principals

You begin your trip knowing that for the next approximately 18 hours you are going to be on a plane. While your physical stamina weakens, your intellectual demands […]

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The Chinese Difference

People’s Republic of China is considered to be one of the fastest developing countries worldwide. Reaching the luxurious airport of Beijing (a doubtlessly important project by Foster & Partners), makes […]

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A Striking Puzzle of Contradictions

The image I had of China -the so-called ‘giant’- before getting there, bares no resemblance to the memories I gained. It is a country full of contradictions, impulses, changes that […]

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Where Foreigners Seem so Few

China was the first place I visited where foreigners seemed so few compared to the large number of natives. My – more than – 2000 pictures, though most of them not […]

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From Bicycles to Car Traffic

I hadn’t been to China since 1999 and I was amazed by the difference. It was like going somewhere else. From the bicycles to the car traffic, from the abacus […]

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Combine Fun with Architecture

Our fifteen-day trip to China was my second participation to the trips organized by ArchiTeam. My first contact was the trip to Brazil at Easter 2008. Among the destinations then was Brazilia, the current and […]

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China Trip

The Shanghai Shuffle

L’idéal et le réel* Beijing. I am lost in the city. No-existence of existence, zero position, one in fourteen millions souls… A city, a sense of a city and the […]

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China 2010

CHINA 2010

EXPO 2010 was the cause of ArchiTravel’s “CHINA 2010” travel. 51 people from Greece, most of them architects, traveled for 12 days in China, Beijing and Shanghai. In this website we present the travelers’ point […]

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All 51 of Them Were Exquisite

I would like another month or so to feel full. To find the courage to dare to try fried scorpions in a straw, to place an order in Chinese with […]

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A Civil Engineer Among Architects

As Nazim Hikmet says: “ If the half of my heart is here…, the other half is in China”. I cannot forget… I don’t think it’s because it’s too soon. […]

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