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Every Day Full of Activities (USA West Coast Trip 2017 Review)

We had a really great and special program, scheduled by ArchiTeam. Every day was full of activities. We had a complete guided tour, experienced buildings, parks, bridges, piers and, of […]

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Soumaya-The World’s Richest Man Opened his Own Museum and It’s Free!

I had read with interest the reviews about Museo Soumaya before going, as it had been on the top list of things I wanted to visit in Mexico City. It’s one […]

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The Authenticity of Las Vegas

In March 2017, ArchiTeam traveled to the west coast of the United States. Our visit there consisted of three major cities: Los Angeles, San Francisco and Las Vegas. And, while […]

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Vietnam 2018


ArchiTeam visited Vietnam for the first time in May 2018. This trip was different, an experience between the urban adventure and the nature living. People joined us to Hanoi, the capital […]

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USA West Coast Trip


ArchiTeam visited USA West Coast for the first time in March 2017. Since the West Coast has been populated by immigrants more recently than the East Coast, its culture is considerably […]

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A Life Journey with ArchiTeam

I actually don’t know where to start from, regarding this life trip to Mexico. The sure thing is that I spent ten beautiful days with beloved people, some of them […]

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Coming Close to Beautiful People

This was my second trip as a tour guide with ArchiTeam and I have to say I was a bit anxious about it. I had read so many exciting things […]

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One Land and 7 Civilizations

A trip to Mexico? To criminality and poverty? Reality comes to refute the rumors that surround the city of Mexico that gradually yet continuously shows that it is a developing city […]

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It was Magic

This great experience would not have been possible if it weren’t for ArchiTeam’s excellent organization skills. They brought successfully together people of different ages and made it possible for everyone, […]

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In 2016, 27 people from Greece, most of them architects, traveled for 11 days, from 25th of February to 5th of March, in Mexico City, Puebla, Teotihuacán, La Basilica de […]

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