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In 2002, as architecture students having felt the need to acquire new visual stimuli and to study in situ the buildings which we learnt about from the bibliography, we organized the first architectural trip to Berlin. Many other places were visited around the world with the participation of many colleagues and many friends (as we happily realized).

ArchiTravel, since its original formation, has already organized 3 great architectural trips around the world.

ArchiTeam has been evolved, within a year, in a group of people who have the main goal of promoting Architecture and on the same time be creative having fun.

The creation of DestiNations website is an attempt to share our unique travel moments and experiences with you all. This will be our and the travelers point of view of each travel that is completed.

EXPO 2010 was the cause of ArchiTravel’s ‘CHINA 2010’ travel.

51 people from Greece, most of them architects, traveled for 12 days in China, Beijing and Shanghai.

In this website we will present their own point of view and perspective, through text and photos, of China.

As we use to say, ArchiTravel gives the opportunity to experience the cities like no other travel guide will ever be able to do..




Architect - CEO and founder of ArchiTeam

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