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April 2015


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City of the Month
LONDON LONDON > United Kingdom


The contrast and the interaction between historic buildings and new architecture are the most important aspects characterising the City of London. Architects react with different strategies to the City’s complex urban context: the High-Tech-Architecture of Nicolas Grimshaw and Norman Foster that incorporates the remains of the Roman London Wall; the Corbusian urban planning ideas manifested in the Barbican Centre in an impressive…

Architect of the Month
Zon-e Arquitectos Zon-e Arquitectos > Spain

Zon-e Arquitectos

ZON-E is cofounded in 2001 by Ignacio Ruiz Allen and Josean Ruiz Esquiroz. From the start, the office has been committed to the research the new morphogenetic, tectonic and energetic systems. In 2006 Lucia Martinez Trejo joined the team. The three paradigms that define our practice are: – Formal Research, through cultural implications of form,…