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Akihiko Hamada on Architecture and Travel

Interview Date: 19-09-2012
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What do you think is the importance of Architectural Tourism?

When I was at my mid ’30s, I traveled from east coast of the U.S. to west coast, in a “zigzag” way. The trip lasted 45 days and it was like an architecture tour with my family. I travelled from Philadelphia to Boston, Detroit to Chicago down to the Indianapolis, Yellowstone and L.A. so I had travelled 10000 miles in 45 days and I had seen so much good architecture that made me understand what it really is. That kind of experience I think formed my basic knowledge I even now have, so visiting architecture sites is really important for architects.

What is the importance of architectural events (like W.A.F.) worldwide? What are the profits for a city holding such kinds of major events?

The W.A.F is a very much frost and unique event for architects. I have been here 4 times since 2008 and for the last 2 years we were one of the sponsors and we sponsored evening lectures. I was part of the jury team and I think it was really dynamic to hear public, open discussion competition from juries with 50-60 people. It is really competitive and you can learn a lot from foreign architects about how to treat architecture which is really good. Also one thing I want to point out and I already had done it last year here is, that this event is about architecture but there is too much architecture; we need a client, so we don’t have to live at a small world. So I think, at these wonderful events, clients should also attend and we can discuss and enjoy architecture with them as well.

We can say that most architecture photos of buildings do not include any people. What are your thoughts about including people in your photos? Is it important to photograph a building in use or by itself?

Mostly in architecture magazines there are very few people in photographs. I think architecture is not the building; architecture needs the people to live at it. The architecture magazines should have people and buildings together. We are not just artists; we are architects and that means the combination or people and architecture. So people should be in the photographs.

At the end, could you please provide your personal proposal for 10 buildings (constructed and visitable) which you think as the most important worldwide that someone must visit anyway?

“Falling-water” designed by Frank Lloyd Wright at the coast of Pittsburg .The use of water, at this building, gives a sense or cooperation of nature and architecture. Nature is coming through invigorating the architecture. We can feel the temperature and conditions of outside even in the inside. So, I recommend this one for sure.

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