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Bidisha Sinha & Simon Yu on Architecture and Travel

Interview Date: 19-12-2012
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What do you think is the importance of Architectural Tourism?

B.S.: We as architects whenever we travel we tend to see a lot of buildings, but generally it is quite interesting for other people to see and experience a place through its architecture because you get a sense of space, a sense of culture, a sense of traditional skills, of materials and I think architecture connects with the city and its fabrics. So it’s interesting but maybe not as interesting as it would be if you are an architect.

S.Y.: And maybe it is important as a sort of cultural icons as well; the deference between the deferent cultures and the deferent type of buildings in deferent cultures. So it’s important as part of the travel, it doesn’t have to be a dominant thing, but it’s certainly a very important aspect in any travel.

What do you think is the importance of traveling, especially for architects and humans in general?

B.S.: It’s very important I would say. Nowadays you have o lot of access to information through the internet, but seeing a picture or a video is not the same with going and meeting people, or eating the local food, I love traveling so I would say very important.

What do you think is the added value that architecture creates within a city?

B.S.: For sure it makes it more interesting, prettier, more livable, and more enjoyable.

S.Y.: As an element of identity in some areas, but I think maybe we see it differently because we are architects, because we probably enjoy the food and the culture and this sort of local things. And if there is a wonderful architecture, it’s a great bonus.

What is the importance of architectural events (like WAF) and what are the profits for the city holding such kind major events?

B.S.: For architects I think it’s great because you get to meet all those architects from other cultures, you get very deferent perspective, you get to speak to them and so on. Barcelona is known for its architecture to a large extend so it’s kind of appropriate to have it here (the WAF).

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