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Enric Ruiz-Geli on Media-ICT

Interview Date: 17-04-2013
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VIEW the entire interview on VIDEO!

Enric Ruiz-Geli, creator of the Media-ICT building, talks about how an experimental office building with an inflatable facade was named World Building of the Year in 2011.

“Media ICT is a building which wants to put together the idea of a green city and smart city, both together into one building.

I wanted to do a very low budget project to shut down the idea that green development means more money. And it doesn’t. This building is 1200 m2, it is economical in terms of market but at the same time it has zero emission, it is a net zero building.

We have ETFE that covers the sun and protects the building.

I am very happy that the festival of WAF has given us this award.

We cannot have just one green building; we should have millions of them. So we have to work together, to collaborate as a team in a winning scenario. We have to work aligned; citizens, governments, architects, society, city, urbanism, biologists, physicians, all together working for the idea of a NET zero building, of a NET zero city, maybe even a NET zero society. Let’s just stop global warming together.

My son chose the green building; he chose the green color. So I have to remind to you all that our kids are our clients.

For me the best thing about this festival is the refreshment that it offers, the chance to be reminded that however great problems and challenges we might face, there are truly talented people who have commitments that are beyond the mere professional and technical aspects of our job and they are engaging the big stuff that has to be engaged for ethical and moral purposes. So for me the celebration of this award is totally worth it.”

See the full presentation of the project here.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

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Enric Ruiz-Geli

Country: Spain
Visit website


Figueres, 1968.
Architect for the ETSA of Barcelona.
Visiting Visual Artist at the ZKM in Karlsruhe, with a scholarship from Krtu, Generalitat de Catalunya. Associate Set Designer for Bob Wilson: “Danton’s Tod”, Salzburger Festspiele and “Time Rocker”, Thalia Theater, Hamburg, 1995-2000.
Director of Cloud 9 office since 1997.
Co-Director of Metapolis 2000-2003.
Art Media Consultant for the Mercat de les Flors 2002.
Curator of the Spanish Pavilion of the V Biennal of Architecture in Sao Paulo, 2003.
Co-Chairman of the 3rd Industrial Revolution Architects Roundtable committee with Jeremy Rifkin , since 2007.
President of the Jury of Prix Luxembourgeois d’Architecture 2007. Luxembourg 2007.
Founder of Energy Attack with Jon Idiakez, 2007.
Tutor Master in Architectural Design Unit at Barlett School of Architecture, London, since 2010.
Unit Master of Diploma Unit 18 at Architectural Association School, London, since 2010
Co-Chairman of the Figueres Creative City, 2010.
His works belong to the collections of MoMa (New York), FRAC Centre Collection (Orleans) and Centre Pompidou (Paris).
Enric Ruiz-Geli performs lectures and maintain collaboration with a map of Labs as Angewandte, Architectural Association School, UCLA, Pasadena Art Center, CITA, RMIT, MIT, Bartlett, Buckminster Fuller Institute, ETHZ, IE School of Architecture, among others.
Cloud 9 agenda is to look at Pilot Projects in Global Warming Scenarios. Enric Ruiz-Geli has created patents as master pieces of Digital Fabrication.
His building Media-ICT has been awarded as Best Building of the World by WAF 2011. It is a Net Zero Building built at very competitive construction cost.
Cloud 9 has signed Media-ICT Knowledge Transfer Contracts in Taipei, OECS, Qatar, Kuwait and Moscow.

Enric Ruiz-Geli is one of the Science Advisory Committee of Tecnalia members, 2011-2013

:: Profile at ArchiTravel.

:: Photo information and credits:
1-10 > Media-ICT, Barcelona – Spain, Cloud 9
Photo courtesy © Luis Ros
11-20 > Media-ICT, Barcelona – Spain, Cloud 9
Photo courtesy © Iwan Baan
21-24 > Media-ICT, Barcelona – Spain, Cloud 9
Photo courtesy © José Miguel Hernandez