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Nil Aynali of Emre Arolat Architects on Architecture and Travel

Interview Date: 12-09-2012
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What is the importance of architectural events worldwide? What are the profits for a city holding such kind of major events?

This is a commercial activity if we see world architecture festival in that way because there is a capital for this events and enter fees are really high but they are really good because you come across many people and other offices works and you know what the world is doing at the moment, so it is really important to have the global view of the architecture community in the world and of course Barcelona is from itself a famous and beautiful city and this event doesn’t add at the city very much. But events like this are usually made at cities that are not really famous or sides of cities where they do add a lot. But architecture and Barcelona come together really easily.

What is the importance of Architectural Tourism?

We can say we have architectural tourism in two ways: one is with a general tourism meter, which are the city’s with good urban spaces that people love being in them and there is a tourism traffic by it in the whole world and the other is what we can call the “Bilbao effect”, when, because of a famous building, people visit that city. I also think that architectural tourism is a part of the global capitalistic economy, so I can’t say that it is full of positive or negative effects but it is the situation that we all experience in the world.

What is the importance of traveling especially for architects and humans in general?

Travelling for architects is a must, because you can’t design a building without having an optic experience of the space, so being informed for the city and its physical form is really crucial for architecture design because afterwards what you design is what you have; so trust me it is really important.

What do you think is the added value that architecture creates within a city?

The city and architecture are not two different parts; the city is the architecture and architecture is the city. If we are taking as architecture only the new buildings, it really is various; for example, if you design a building as a landmark it can change the future of the city but you can design an anonymous building for housing and it can merge the city as it is. So it depends really on what the building is I think.

At the end, can you please provide your personal proposal for 10 buildings (constructed and visitable) which you think as the most important worldwide that someone must visit anyway?

If I can contain cities in that I would say Istanbul is a really important city cause of its layers and its complexity and it really expresses the global situation of the world. But it also has historical layers, it is a must. Agia Sophia is a really great place also.

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