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Suzana Glogowski on Architecture and Photography

Interview Date: 07-11-2012
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Many architects worldwide share the passion of photography for various reasons. What is your relationship with photography? Do architecture photographers do better this kind of work?

Architects need to hire special photographers for architecture because you need to have special equipment to shoot architecture; there are many important thinks he should care about, like the correct angle. So if you like to take some pictures of it, it is ok but you need to hire a professional to shoot the building.

We can say that most οf architecture photos of buildings do not include any people. What are your thoughts about including people in your photos? Ιs it important to photograph a building in use or by itself?

You need to include people. I don’t agree with the idea of not including people in the space because with people you see how the building works. So I really believe you need to put people in photos of buildings.

Many architecture theories and a lot of people think that contemporary architecture is designed in ordered to be well photographed. Doing this work, do you have this feeling of buildings that are not designed to serve specific need but are rather iconic and self promoting?

A little bit and people need to take care about it. It is always the fight between architecture and culture .We create shapes of course and sometimes we get lost in them but we have to remember that those shapes must always have some function; even if it is the function of beauty.

What do you think is the difference between seeing a picture of a building or a place and visiting that building or place yourself? How does architectural photography explore the relation between the perception of space and the experience of space?

I think that the best way to shoot a building is to spend there the most time you can and then after that start shooting. You need to live the space before shooting it. Even for to know the best light but it is not only that, you have to feel the mood of that space.

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