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Angela Brady

Angela Brady

Country: United Kingdom
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Angela Brady is a director of Brady Mallalieu Architects an award winning design led private practice with over 20 years experience, who specialise in contemporary sustainable design. Their recent 200 homes at Mastmaker Rd Isle of Dogs won ‘Best housing development’ in Evening Standard awards and won an RIAI design award 2010.

Angela will be the next President of the RIBA in Sept 2011. She is a champion of Women in Architecture internationally; Past chair of Women in Architecture and founding member of RIBA ‘Architects for Change’ – promoting women and BAME architects. She curated the ‘DiverseCity’ travelling exhibition 2003-2010 exhibited in dozens of Cities around the world which concluded with an international conference at the RIBA in Oct 2010.
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Angela has created and led many in-school design initiatives to promote architecture and our sustainable built environment to the public, particularly working with The Building Exploratory Hackney, RIAI, RIBA, CABE, Artsinform, Open House, Open City, Architecture Foundations, and Art Galleries in UK and Ireland.

Angela is currently a Government Equality Ambassador, RIBA and RIAI Council member, STEMnet Ambassador, and a CABE Enabler.
Past member of CABE/ English Heritage Urban panel; Design Champion of London Development Agency Board; Vice chair of Civic Trust Awards, Trustee Director Building Exploratory Hackney and leader of ‘Women @ Work’ project in the Near East with the British Council.

Angela is well known for her work on TV, with series such as ‘The Home Show’ on Ch 4 and ‘Building the Dream’ on ITV, bringing an appreciation of architecture and design to the public.

:: Photo information and credits:

1 > Phoenix Heights / 4 Mastmaker Road
photo courtecy
© VIEW/Dennis Gilbert

2 > Laycock Street Residential Development
photo courtecy
© Sara Thomas/Brady Mallalieu Architects

3 > Islington Central Medical Centre / Andrew Carr/Brady Mallalieu
photo courtecy © VIEW/Dennis Gilbert

4 > Phoenix Heights / 4 Mastmaker Road
photo courtecy
© VIEW/Dennis Gilbert

5-6 > Private House, Richmond
photo courtecy © VIEW/Dennis Gilbert