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Ansgar Halbfas

Ansgar Halbfas

Country: China
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Ansgar Halbfas was born in Germany in 1972 and graduated from the University of Stuttgart in 2000. His early projects during his studies are documented here, while private projects from recent years can be found here. He is a master in both urban planning and architectural design.In 1996, while he was studying, he won first prize for his booth design for the Mannesmann Rohr Exhibition Stand competition and developed it’s complex geometry using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM). In a follow-up study for the EPSON Corporation in 1998 he realized internet based planning of a project worth over 1M€ for the first time. He joined the Institute for Paraarchitectonic Phenomena (IPP) from 1998 to 2002 and published his first work about Organic Future in 2000.Qualifications include professional photography and layout since 1994, teaching experience since 1996, CAM and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) programming since 1998. First public exhibition and paid R&D in 1999.

After his diploma in 2000 he realized his first Public Private Partnership (PKS) bringing together culture and commerce, architecture and urban legends. In 2002 his work was shown at the Fraunhofer IAO full immersion CUBE ⁄ CAVEE where he took his students first in 1998. He worked with architects like Peter Zumthor (Switzerland), Ando Tadao (Japan) and Max Bächer (Germany).

Major projects include the new German Central Bank Berlin–Brandenburg (1998, realized –2002), the Growing Chair; (1999), the executive suite of Mosbach Public Bank (2000), the Club MS Pussy Galore (2000, realized), Porsche Targa ⁄ 4S Product Launch Stuttgart Zuffenhausen (2001, realized), a private estate in the Provence (2005) and the Landart Panda Bear stretching over 40 hectare at Chengdu Research Base visible from space (2007, scheduled).

Ansgar (安建华|鼠) has been travelling to Japan and China since 1998. His first published book, Sichtwelt, (together with J. Hass and G. Scholz) is about perception of Japanese culture and architecture. Movies include Porkshots, Fruit City, Melanome City, Creature Feature – Feature Creature and Japanese Interior. Lectures include Toolbox Town Planning, Computer Aided Architectural Design, LABS Studio (International collaboration in Los Angeles, Berlin and Stuttgart), 3D–GIS, Organic Future (Design and Media), Organic Future (Architecture and Urban Planning) and Nature Touching. Exhibitions include Zapata (Group), University of Stuttgart (Solo), Etage01 (S), Mukojima Lifelong Learning Center (G), Art Foundation Schwenk (S), Designers Saturday (G), Kunsthalle Kornwestheim (G) and Baukunst Essen (G).

:: Photo information and credits:

1 > Expo 2010 in Shanghai / German Pavlion
Photo courtesy © Ansgar Halbfas

2-3-4-5 > Presentation with organic future installation in my German office / 2002
Photo courtesy ©
Ansgar Halbfas

6 > Public exhibition of organic future project / 2002
Photo courtesy ©
Ansgar Halbfas

> Profile Photo © Elisabeth Smolarz