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Árpád Ferdinánd

Country: Hungary
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1990-1992: Technische Universität Graz, Faculty of Architecture
1994: Graduation
1987-1990, 1992-1994: Budapesti Műszaki Egyetem(University of Technology Budapest) Faculty of Architecture
Chartered Architect
2000-: Senior Architect Designer


1998-: Ferdinánd és Ferdinánd Architects Ltd, owner, managing director
(Co-owner: Ferdinánd Csaba)
1994-: Secrys Architecture and Design Ltd, owner, executive Budapest
(Co-owners: Sebestyén Ágnes, Ferdinánd Csaba)
1994: Szántó & Mikó Architects Budapest
unior architect responsible for designing various minor projects
1990-1992: Giencke & Company Architekturbüro Graz junior architect
responsible for designing various projects

Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects Profile
Our architectural office was established by the three of us in 1994.
Our company name was Secrys Építészeti Tervező és Szolgáltató Bt. at that time. We switched to Secrys Építészeti Tervező Kft. (Secrys Architectural Design, Inc.) in 1996 (owners: Ágnes Sebestyén, Csaba Ferdinánd, Árpád Ferdinánd) as to follow the growth of our firm.

To emphasize the importance of our names we established a new company in 1998, named Ferdinánd és Ferdinánd Építésziroda Kft. (Ferdinand and Ferdinand Architects, Inc.) (Partners: Csaba Ferdinánd, Árpád Ferdinánd), however we have kept on fulfilling our previous commitments in the frame of our previous firm.

Our office is equipped with ten personal computers, four professional printers and a plotter. We utilize a 100 Mbytes/sec internal network to share our projects. These features help us to keep high standards in our work, and delivering strictly on schedule. Our work is acknowledged by the Treasury Property Departement and well-established private investors among our clients.