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Charles Jencks

Charles Jencks

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Charles Jencks divides his time between lecturing, writing, and designing in the USA, the UK, and Europe. 

He is the author of the best-selling The Language of Post-Modern Architecture (re-issued as The New Paradigm in Architecture, 2002).  He has also written numerous other books on contemporary arts and building, including What is Post-Modernism?  (fourth edition, 1995) and The Architecture of the Jumping Universe (second edition, 1997). 

His celebrated garden in Scotland is the subject of his book The Garden of Cosmic Speculation (Frances Lincoln, 2003) and in 2004 the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, won the Gulbenkian Prize for Museums for his design, Landform Ueda.  Landform projects have also been completed in Italy, France, and China.

He is the author of The Iconic Building, the Power of Enigma, (Frances Lincoln, 2005), Critical Modernism, (Wiley 2007), and  The Architecture of Hope with Edwin Heathcote,  (Frances Lincoln 2010).

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:: Photo information and credits:

1 > Bonnington Cells of Life
Credit image Portrait: © Charles Jencks

2 > Porrack Universe Cascade
Credit image Portrait: © Charles Jencks

3 > GCS DNA Garden
Credit image Portrait: © Charles Jencks

4-5 > Wu Chi sculpture in Beijing
Credit image Portrait: © Charles Jencks

6-7 > Parco Portello in Milan
Credit image Portrait: © Charles Jencks