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Dirk Verwoerd

Dirk Verwoerd

Country: Netherlands
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Since 1982 Dirk Verwoerd works as a professional photographer and is a sole proprietor of Lighthouse Productions. Initially he worked as a commercial photographer for divers advertising agencies and several large retailers. He was granted to work for the Royal Dutch Airlines, which made him able to combine his studiowork with travelphotography.  He travelled all over the world and got inspired by the various cultures. His photography for KLM didn’t remain unnoticed: For years he worked for the travel agency ‘Himalaya Tours’, of which the journeys took him to the far corners of the world.At the moment he works for several renown architecture offices and housing corporations and captures the interior and exterior of new housing estates and renovations. His recent work consists of beautiful photodocuments of the renovation of the ‘Koninklijke Nederlands Munt’ in Utrecht and an extraordinary newly built house in Baarn. Furthermore, Dirk Verwoerd was initiator of realising a book about the life and work of the famous Dutch architect Piet Blom. Dirk Verwoerd: ‘Architectural photography is something I grew very passionate about and it has become my specialism. It is not just the composition, but the combination with the light and atmosphere that is so challenging and that I find thrilling to capture. I also enjoy adding the finishing touch with professionally editing and refining the pictures’.

:: Photo information and credits: © Dirk Verwoerd