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Dogan Hasol

Dogan Hasol

Country: Turkey
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Doğan Hasol graduated  from Galatasaray High School in 1956 and obtained his degree from Istanbul Technical University’s Architectural Faculty in 1961, and for a time  worked as a research assistant in the same  faculty. In 1961, while still a student, he joined the production team of Mimarlık ve Sanat (Architecture and Art) magazine.

In 1965-66 he was  Secretary General of the Istanbul branch of the Chamber of Architects,  between 1966-69  was editor-in-chief of the Chamber’s magazine Mimarlık, and also served on the board of the Chamber of Architects.

In 1968, together with a group of friends, he founded the Building Information Centre (YEM). In 1989 and 1992 he was elected president of the International Union of Building Centres (UICB), of which YEM is a member, for two successive three-year terms. At the end of these two terms was elected an honorary member by the UICB General Assembly.

Doğan Hasol has run the Building Information Centre for nearly forty years, and in accordance with its function has initiated the publication of YAPI magazine, Yapı Kataloğu (Building Products Catalogue) and other professional catalogues and books on architecture. In addition he has organised courses, lectures, seminars and exhibitions. In acknowledgement of his publishing activities he was awarded the Press and Publication Prize for the 1994/95 academic year by the Association of Turkish Independent Architects.

He pursues his  architectural work within the Has Mimarlık group, which he established together with his wife A. Hayzuran Hasol and his daughter Ayşe Hasol Erktin. In 1990 he and his wife were jointly awarded the National Architecture Prize in the building category by the Chamber of Architects.

Hasol’s Ansiklopedik Mimarlık Sözlüğü (Encyclopaedic Dictionary of Architecture)- in Turkish- which was first published in 1976 and is now in its 11th edition, and his Dictionary of Architecture and Building, a multilingual dictionary in English, French and Turkish, are among the leading reference works in the field. In 1997 his English-French/French-English dictionary Architecture et Bâtiment/ Architecture and Building was published in Paris by the French publishing house Le Moniteur. Hasol has published numerous other books, including Yağma Var!, Her Şeyin Mimarı Var, Mimarî İzlenimler, Galatasaray’da Düşler/Gerçekler, Anılar Kuşlar Gibidir, Mimarlık Cep Sözlüğü,  Mimarlar Dik Durur!,  as well as a large number of articles on architecture. His articles can be accessed on his website

In 2004-05 he served as president of the Turkish Architectural Foundation, and in 2009-11 as chairman of the Istanbul  Independent Architects Association.

He was awarded honorary doctorates by Istanbul Technical University in 1998 and by Yıldız Technical University in 1999. In 2000 he received the Chamber of Architects’ Award for Outstanding Contributions to the profession, and in 2007 Beykent University presented him with the Award of Honour for Architecture.

:: Photo information and credits:

1-2 > Swissôtel Grand Efes, Izmir, 2003
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

3 > Anadolu Health Center, Gebze- Turkey, 2002
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

4-5 > Anadolu Comfort Hotel, Gebze- Turkey, 2005
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

6 > Aegean Hills Housing Complex, Bodrum- Turkey, 2005
CNBC International Property Award, 2007
Houses Overseas Awards Gold Metal, 2007

Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

7 > A Single Family House, İstanbul, 1988
National Architecture Award, 1990
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

8 > Seaside House on the Bosphorus, Istanbul, 1994
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

09 > EKOBuilding, Istanbul Technical University Campus, Istanbul
World Architecture Community Award, 2008
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

10 > Dogan Hasol’s books and his publication YAPI Magazine
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

11 > Garanti Bank Branch, Interior, Istanbul, 2010
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik

12 > YAPI Magazine from the first issue to the 350th
Photo ©Dogan Hasol partnership + Has Mimarlik