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George J. Efstathiou

George J. Efstathiou

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George J. Efstathiou is a consulting partner in the Chicago Office of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill LLP. His responsibilities include the delivery of SOM’s services, including the coordination and management of all professional disciplines required for each of his client’s projects. As the firm’s liaison with the client, he ensures that all services are accomplished by the professional team within the established schedule and budget while meeting the goals set by the client. With extensive experience in the execution of complex projects, he works closely with the client, the construction teams, and others who contribute to the successful completion of the project.Mr. Efstathiou’s experience has encompassed the design, technical coordination, and project management of a variety of projects. In 1989, Mr. Efstathiou relocated to SOM’s London office for two years to manage both Broadgate and Ludgate projects. In addition to his experience in the United States, Mr. Efstathiou has extensive international experience in the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Korea, Russia, China, Brazil, and the Middle East.

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:: Photo information and credits:

1 > Rolex Tower
Photo Courtesy SOM / Nick Merrick © Hedrich Blessing

2 > Rolex Tower_context plan
Photo Courtesy © SOM

3 > Rolex Tower_Ground and first floor plan
Photo Courtesy © SOM

4 > Rolex Tower_Office Typical Floor Plan
Photo Courtesy © SOM

5 > Rolex Tower_Residential Typical Floor Plans
Photo Courtesy © SOM

6 > Rolex Tower_Penthouse Typical Floor Plan
Photo Courtesy © SOM

7 > Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai)
Photo Courtesy SOM / Nick Merrick © Hedrich Blessing

8 > Infinity Tower
Photo Courtesy SOM / © Neoscape