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Luciano Ducci

Luciano Ducci

Mayor of Curitiba
Country: Brazil
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Mayor Luciano Ducci was born in Curitiba, on March 23rd 1955.

He has been Parana State representative, vice-mayor of Curitiba and City Secretary for Health. He graduated in Medicine at Parana Pontifical Catholic University and started his career at the City Hall as a pediatrician doctor, 22 years ago.

Luciano Ducci is specialist in Public Administration, by Parana Federal University, and in infantile pneumology, by Universita Degli Studi Di Roma, in Italy.

On March 2010, Luciano Ducci took Office as Mayor of Curitiba, replacing Beto Richa, who left the Office to run for State governor.

Luciano Ducci is married to Marry Ducci, also a doctor, and has a son, Ricardo, and a daughter, Renata, both on Medicine School.

:: Photo information and credits:

1 > Freedom Palace Art Center

2 > Curitiba marathon at Oscar Niemeyer Museum

3 > Park in Curitiba

4 > Curitiba Bus System

5 > Music in the parks

6 > Latin America GREEN CITY AWARD

*courtesy of Municipality of Curitiba