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Marcela Grassi

Marcela V. Grassi

Country: Spain
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Born in Argentina in 1977, lives and works in Barcelona.From 1985 to 2003 lives and study in Italy, until the architect degree in the Architecture University of Ferrara. After the graduation, stablishes the residence in Barcelona, working in several architecture studios until 2006.The activity as architecture photographer, part of her formation, it’s become professional since 2005, and goes on with architecture and travel reportages.

– Republic Square,Leucate, France. Architect: Enric Massip-Bosch.
– Work of 7sis arquitecture studio, Barcelona, Spain.
– La Mina district Library, Barcelona, Spain. Architect: A. Soldevila i Barbosa.
– Ferran Ferrè Parc, Ripollet, Spain. Architect: R. Méndez.
– Work of Iascone engineer and architecture studio, Bologna, Italy.
– TMA headquarters, Codogno, Piacenza, Italy. Architect: T. Bettini.
– Sport pavillion, San Adrià del Besòs, Barcelona, Spain. Architect: A. Soldevila.
– Barceloneta district Market, Barcelona, Spain. Architect: J. Miàs.
– EMBA@ Diagonal Mar, Forum Area, Barcelona, Spain. Architect: Enric Massip-Bosch.
– Reportage: Work of Oscar Niemeyer, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.
– Reportage: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
– Reportage: Berlin, Germany.
– Finalist: XIX Toledo Architecture Photography Contest, Toledo, Spain.
– Mencioned: International Photography Contest “Niemeyer 100 years”, Madeira, Portugal.
– Mencioned: Viaggi Lionetti Architecture Photography Contest, Matera, Italy.
– Ferrer i Guardia Primary school, Granollers, Spain. Architect: BAAS Architects.
– Reportage: La Ricarda House, El Prat, Barcelona, Spain.
– Arch: A. Bonet (original), F. Alvarez e J. Roig (refurbishment).
– Can Matas Primary school, Barcelona, Spain. Arch: NOR Architects.
– Reportage: Zurich, Switzerland.
– 2005 FAD Prize, Barcelona, Spain. Architects: Blancafort and Reus Architects.
– Social Golf Club Fontanals, Girona, Spain. Architect: J. Miàs.
– Housing in Marina street, Barcelona, Spain. Architects: Mercadè and Fernandez.
– Reportage: Berlin, Germany.
– Reportage: Contemporary Architecture in Barcelona, Spain.
– Reportage: Berlin, Germany.
– Contemporary Architecture in Marseille, France, and Barcelona, Spain.
– Reportage: Work of A. Siza in Portugal.
– Finalist: Photo Contest “Children and animals”, Ferrara, Italy.
– Exhibition in the Dosso Dossi Art Gallery of Ferrara, Italy.