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Mario Cucinella

Mario Cucinella

Country: Italy
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Born in Italy in 1960, he studied architecture at the University of Genoa graduating in 1987.Mario founded MCA in Paris in 1992 and Mario Cucinella Architects Srl. in Bologna in 1999. The practice’s initially had success in international competitions, research and industrial design and has a special interest in climate responsive design and sustainability.  Prior to this he worked with the Renzo Piano Building Workshop for five years in Genoa and later in Paris.  He is visiting Professor at Nottingham University and lectures regularly on his work in schools of Architecture around Europe.He was honoured with the ‘Energy Performance + Architecture Award’ in 2006 (Paris), with the 2Outstanding Architect”award by the the World Renewable Energy Congress in 2004 and in 1999  (Denver) and he received the prestigious”Forderüngs Prize”for Architecture by the Akademie der Künste of Berlin.