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Nik Karalis

Nik Karalis

Country: Australia
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Woods Bagot Architects
“Our projects have meaningful identities. They can respond to an urban or cultural framework or be concerned with operational problem solving… The quality of the architectural environment created is linked to and focused on demographic concerns and sustainable performance.

With this combination of space and usage our architectural imagination is forever formulating tangible connections between the virtual and the sensual experience.”

Nik Karalis
Woods Bagot Europe
Nik is our Global Design Intelligence Leader with a diverse portfolio of civic, architectural and interior projects. His work has received international acclaim and he has won a number of prominent design awards, including the AIA Gold Medal, IDEA National Award, FX International Award, WAF Shortlists and numerous Global Awards.Under the Woods Bagot research and publishing sub-brand, Public, Nik has been responsible for many of the publications and the cultural transformation of a globally relevant architectural practice.

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:: Photo information and credits:

1-5 > Melbourne Convention Centre
Photo courtesy © Peter Bennetts

6-7 > Ivy Pool Club, Sydney
Photo courtesy © Trevor Mein

8-9 > Ivy Penthouse, Sydney
Photo courtesy © Trevor Mein

10 > Ivy Penthouse, Sydney
Photo courtesy © Shannon McGrath