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Peter Murray

Peter Murray

Country: United Kingdom
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Peter Murray trained as an architect but has spent most of his career in communicating architecture to a wider public.

He was formerly Technical Editor of Architectural Design, Editor of Building Design and of the RIBA Journal.  In 1983 he co-founded Blueprint Magazine.

He is currently Chairman of Wordsearch – a global marketing and branding company specialising in architecture and the built environment, he is Founder Chairman of the New London architecture centre, Founder Director of the London Festival of Architecture and a visiting professor at the IE University in Madrid.

He is author of several books including Architecture and Commerce, The Saga of Sydney Opera House and Understanding Plans.

He has curated many architecture exhibitions including  New Architecture, the work of Foster Rogers Stirling and Living Bridges at the Royal Academy.

:: Photo information and credits:

1 > As an opening event of the London Architectural Biennale, a flock of sheep was driven from Southwark to Smithfield Market, where a revival of the traditional St Bartholomew’s Fair was taking place. London 17 June 2006
photo courtecy
© Peter Murray

2 > Peter Murray started the annual Cycle to Cannes bike ride in 2005  for architects and developers going to the MIPIM property fair. So far it has raised £1million for charity
photo courtecy
© Peter Murray

3 > The Pipers Model  of Central London at New London Architecture – the centre that Murray started at the Building Centre in 2005
photo courtecy © Peter Murray

4 > A drawing by Peter Murray of street movements in the Fitzrovia area of London which formed part of an exhibition at the Rebecca Hossack Gallery and a campaign against one way streets in the city. One way streets are designed to help cars go faster and are therefore antithetical to a city which encourages walking and cycling.
photo courtecy © Peter Murray

5 > Drawing by Peter Murray of the LFA 2010
photo courtecy © Peter Murray

6 > 50 Years of London Architecture exhibition at the Mall Galleries organised by Peter Murray for The Architecture Club
photo courtecy © Peter Murray

7 > Pop up Park in Store Street, London WC1 – part of the London Festival of Architecture 2010
photo courtecy © LFA

8 > Pop up Park and structure designed by Price and Myers
photo courtecy © Peter Murray

09 > The first London Festival of Architecture in 2004
photo courtecy © LFA

10 > London Festival of Architecture 2004 – a street is turned into a park
photo courtecy © LFA

11 > Living Bridges Royal Academy 1996
photo courtecy © Alan Williams

12 > Blueprint magazine
photo courtecy © Peter Murray