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Suzana Glogowski

Suzana Glogowski

Country: Brazil
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Architect graduated from FAU-Mackenzie in 1997 and developed a research project based on the work of architect David Libeskind, oriented by Prof. Dr. Monica Junqueira. She has been workin at StudioMK27 since 2002 and she is co-author of Paraty House,Studio SC , Punta house , Bahia house among others and, currently, co-ordinates the projects in Spain , Israel , Canada and Portugal.

StudioMK27 Team
A team carefully gathered by Marcio Kogan work closely to design the exhaustingly elaborated details and the execution drawings. From the simplest project to an extremely high-end mansion, everything is thought out on the drawing board. The studio is specialized in haute-couture residences and its architecture is seen through a wide-screen lens always seeking to create surprising spaces and emotions.

:: Photo information and credits:

1-5 > Paraty House, Paraty – Brazil
Photo © Nelson Kon

6-11 > Studio SC, Sao Paulo – Brazil
Photo © Nelson Kon

12-16 > Punta House, Punta Del Este – Brazil
Photo © Reinaldo Coser

17-23 > Caledonian Somosaguas, Pozuelo de Alarcon – Spain
Photo © StudioMK27

24-28 > Bahia House, Salvador – Brazil
Photo © Nelson Kon

29-33 > Cobogo House, Sao Paulo – Brazil
Photo © Nelson Kon

34-38 > L-and reserve, Portugal
Photo © StudioMK27