“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I — I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

ArchiTeam is a group of young people, who have joined together envisioning the promotion and spread of Architecture to the wider public worldwide.

The purpose of a journey is to discover places through their buildings and architecture. It’s a discovery that happens whilst strolling through the city and experiencing the reality, not just through the commentaries of tourist guides.

Above all, it’s about a group of friends who travel together, not to reach a specific destination, but to enjoy every trip and return with enriched real experiences.

As architecture students, we felt the need to study in situ the buildings we learned about from the bibliography. During that time, we organized our first architectural trip to Berlin. We visited since then many other places around the world with the participation of many colleagues and friends. People who had no relation to architecture came to visit the sights of every destination. Walking through the city and strolling through some of the most remarkable architectural structures, they acquired a new sense of “beauty” and functionary meaning.

Being part of the cities we visit, we live the architectural experience through personal tours, participation in international events and conversations with well-known architects.

ArchiTravel was created in 2008. The fundamental purpose of this website is to gather information and experiences from travels thus creating an electronic Architectural City Guide.

Through texts, pictures and maps, the most significant architectural buildings are described and “architectural journeys” are recommended. Parallel to this, readers are fully informed about new and past excursions around the world that our team organizes and the possibility to take part in them.

As we use to say… Architecture is Life not meant to be lived in one place.