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Agnes CouvelasGraduate of NTUA in Athens, Agnes Couvelas founded her own firm operating in a wide variety of projects, including commercial, administrative and residential buildings, cultural centers and historic sites throughout Greece. Primary requirements are durability, livability, and energy conservation in environmentally friendly designs. Lectures in Greece and abroad.

Tracing the nature of the architectural approach employed in A. Couvelas’ works, one could discern a sense of correspondence with the “genius loci”, the spirit of the site. This relation manifests itself in a dynamic way, by means of a dialogue with the particular physical, social and cultural “reality” of the place, distancing her works from the “decontextualisation” that many projects of modernism exhibit.

Nonetheless the majority of Couvelas’ designs share a common ground with such works in terms of internal consistency and economy of form. The austere geometrical language features prominently in the majority of her buildings not as self-fulfilling obsession, but as an effort to respond with a minimum of means both to the functional exigencies of human beings and to the need for integration in the context of the above mentioned dynamic relation with the building’s site.

Major publications of realized projects of Agnes Couvelas:

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