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About AH Asociados

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AH AsociadosAH Asociados is an architecture studio established in 1989 with branches in Pamplona, Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and Qatar. Its main purpose was to provide technical services for Planning, Design, Site Control and Project Management, after years of experience in housing, public facilities and urban design.

The AH Asociados group, based upon a standard organizational framework, is focused on inter-disciplinary team work to obtain better results, adapted to the identity of each client, with the quality of a personalized office and the efficiency of a large company.

Now AH Asociados has specialized teams in the design and execution of collective housing; industrial facilities; public centres for culture, education and health; architectural renewal; urban design, structural design; technical specifications; site control; quantity surveyors and project management.

Its work has been awarded with prizes in many local and international competitions and has been widely published in architectural exhibitions magazines and lectures including University Forums, Schools of Architecture and Professional Institutes.

AH Idea

Appart from being an architecture studio, ah asociados is also a consultant group concerned with the quality of its environment and the promotion of renewable energy use and efficient energy consumption. With this thought, ah idea is created in 2005 as a way to guide the innovation issues efforts of the group, including a wide range of activities. From its beginnings until today, ah idea has expanded both its number of lines of work, as the variety of professionals who provide services. A multidisciplinary team has been formed to tackle with the complexity of these tasks and ties with public and private institutions that share the same vocation and concern for the environment have been strengthened. This is how ah asociados has become a pioneer in the application of criteria for innovation in Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Construction. The fields of research and development cover the following areas: Urban, New Materials, Processes and Systems Construction and Public Furniture Design. Significantly, ah asociados is an active member of the European Construction and Technological Platform where the main objective is to increase people’s quality of life and safety.


Miguel A. Alonso del Val, Rufino J. Hernandez Minguillon