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Alexander BrennerThe Stuttgart-based atelier Alexander Brenner Architects is best known for his bright white cubic houses and villas, whose plastic-geometric facades often resemble constructivist tableaux.

Common ground for all of Alexander Brenner`s houses is comprehensive detailing and integration of interior planning. Brenner also designs the corresponding gardens. The soft curved, sensual forms contrast the striking, gleaming white architectural sculptures.

Alexander Brenner studied architecture and urban planning at the University of Stuttgart and also taught urban planning and design for 20 years at various universities – most recently in 2008 as a guest professor for spatial design at the Biberach University of Applied Sciences.

His atelier in Stuttgart was founded in 1990. Since moving into the atelier at Parlerstrasse the number of employees has grown to 15, with each member working interdisciplinary and passionately on all of the projects.

Brenner sees himself as a generalist for whom the requirements of accommodation of his clients are always in the foreground. „A residential house has to function as a calm screen in front of which the inhabitants` lives can be played out.“ says Alexander Brenner meaning, that the house should first of all serve its residents. Structural elements and technical installations are thus concealed behind large wall panels in his houses.

Alexander Brenner`s work has received highest international recognition for a long time, as confirmed by numerous publications in magazines and journals. Further Brenner`s houses were voted among the best by various journals and committees, most recently in December 2016 by the magazines Häuser and Focus.