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ALTS DESIGN OFFICESumiou Mizumoto: 1977 Born in Koka-shi,Shiga, 1998 Worked at Architect office, 2009 Worked at Architect office, 2012 Established ALTS DESIGN OFFICE, 2014 Organizational Change

” Looking for new universality, creating rich and various things.”
―This is our job at all times.

We create rich and new spaces , look for new universality and interact with the inhabitants by using the simple method.

We can create various and rich spaces ,staring at “fundamental concept” everyone innately have by reconstructing from a different angle again

It will surely become new spaces you have not been experienced until now ,and new spaces will make your mind rich.

These concept is surely necessary in the age to come,for you, it will become encounter with new sapaces where you have not been experienced until now

In this unshakable feeling, we wish to convey to society and to interact with many people share, through the concept of our architecture.