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About Andrew Maynard Architects

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Andrew Maynard ArchitectsAndrew Maynard Architects is a collaboration between Andrew Maynard and Mark Austin. Andrew started the design practice in 2002. In 2007 Mark joined the team.

Andrew Maynard

Andrew is Tasmanian and has a bachelor of Environmental Design and a bachelor of Architecture (with honours), both of which he received at the University of Tasmania. He was invited to undertake a PhD at RMIT university, which he started, however someone at RMIT said something mean to him once so he threw a tantrum and left.

Andrew has won loads of awards. While still at uni he won an international design competition that sent him around the world. A short time later he won the Asian Pacific Design Awards for his Design Pod. Again the prize was a trip around the world, plus other cool stuff. His prefab housing model has received awards and his built work have gone on to win loads of local and international accolades. Last year HOUSE House received a high commendation in the house of the year category at the World Architecture Festival (WAF) in Singapore. HUGE! Ilma, Hill House and Moor house have also been shortlisted at WAF in the past. Hill House, Anglesea and HOUSE House have all won at the AIA annual awards. His Zero Waste Table received recognition at the United Nations World Environment Day Awards. Awards, Awards, Awards. But you know what they say, awards are like haemorrhoids, sooner or later every arsehole gets one.

Andrew’s work has been exhibited throughout the world, which is nice. His first big exhibition was at the YOUNG Guns exhibition in New York City in 2004. At the moment his Styx Valley Protest Shelter is being exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale. Venice!

Andrew is regularly asked to lecture, which he loves. A couple of years ago he was a keynote speaker at the Malaysian Institute of Architects conference where he gave a lecture to over 2000 delegates. Next year he’ll be a keynote speaker at the New Zealand Institute of Architects conference. What a show off. Last week he was a speaker at a conference that was all about time. Andrew was asked to speak about the way that old buildings influence, and often confine, the way that we see the city in the present. Other speakers were scientists, academics and philosophers. He wasn’t out of his depth, much.

Mark Austin

Look at how much space Mark gets compared to Andrew. It isn’t fair really, but that says a lot about Mark. He’s too modest to say it himself, but he’s a fantastic architect and a great project manager. He is, like Andrew, a staunchly proud Tasmanian, who in his diverse career has worked in a variety of capacities including his role as production designer for the English National Opera in London.

Mark has a bachelor of Environmental Design from the University of Tasmania and a bachelor of Architecture from Melbourne University.

Before joining Andrew Maynard Architects Mark was a rock star. No really, he was. He is a founding member of the PARADISE MOTEL, a highly respected ‘90s band. As an architect Mark worked in London with a number of commercial firms specialising in a variety of building types & project scales, such as urban redevelopment projects in the West End of London, commercial works in the UK’s South East & co-ordination of design team for a large hotel project.

In 2007 Mark joined Andrew Maynard Architects and became a director in 2009. !
Throughout his architectural career Mark continues to show a incredible balance between design talent and rigorous, pragmatic, technical and organisation skills. He has a fine eye for detail and is respected by clients, consultants and builders for his management (and diplomacy) skills. Mark provides a great balance and rigour to Andrew’s lofty ideas and experiments. You know, ying yang and all that bullshit. He allows Andrew to do what he does best whilst ensuring that projects of any, and all, complexity are managed and completed with diligence, professionalism and care.