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About AST77 Architecten

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AST77 ArchitectenAST77 Architecten is an architectural practice consisted out of four partner links that makes architectural overall and an interdisciplinary practice.

Geert Buntinx

As a person who both professionally and privately is hugely enthused by design, creativity and spaciousness, I am extremely excited about the initiatives of the ART77 space for culture.

This architecture is much more than just draw a building and realize really understood here. As manager of AST77 Architecten that plays Peter Van Impe, ART77 is a space for culture perfectly in there.

Architecture has everything to do with a personal experience of both the spaciousness and creativity. How people look at areas often also determined by its interpretation. ART77 seeks to herein sites tailored to artists. ART77 sets these sites available and gives the artist the opportunity to give their own interpretation to space. That always makes for a very personal elaboration of their perception/experience within the context and gives the viewer the chance to experience to otherwise leave the room.

AST77 Architecten co-work with other architectural offices, too.

Atelier TL

Atelier TL is an architect office that the last 10 years has specialized in housing; both single-family homes and residential project. Manager and architect Tom Vanackere runs the office with one employee – an architect and one intern – architect. The office and residence are located in Tielt; middle of the village.

The relationship of the architect with the client is crucial. The first project of Tee-El Architects dates from 2002 and consisted of a home baker.

Steven Massart-Fotografie

Steven Massart is Qualified European Photographer – Architecture Photography and he usually undertakes the photography of AST77 Architecten projects.

De Tekenkamer

De Tekenkamer is a multidisciplinary architectural design, drawing and engineering.
Our ambition is not the biggest or best, but to be the best. Through our years of experience, accuracy, and commitment we will fulfill your expectations. Quality is what we stand for.
With a very wide range of services, we design and draw for both private and corporate clients such as architects, builders and realtors.