Atelier d’Architecture King Kong

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About Atelier d’Architecture King Kong

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Atelier d’Architecture King Kong is based in Bordeaux and was established in 1994 on the initiative of four associated architects: Paul Marion, Jean Christophe Masnada, Frederic Neau and Laurent Portejoie. All of them are graduates of the School of Architecture Bordeaux.

Paul Marion was given since its inception studies design and production by contracting both public and private teachers. Atelier d’Architecture King Kong is made themselves known thanks to projects such as:

– the amphitheater of the Château d’O in Montpellier, project selected to bracket the Silver Award 2003;

– Place Pey Berland in Bordeaux, winning project of the Grand Prix public architecture 2004 (class urban planning in Aquitaine);

– And Seeko’o on the facade of the quays of Bordeaux, Bordeaux winner of the City Award in 2008, also selected at MIPIM Awards the same year.

Atelier d’Architecture King Kong realized many cultural facilities including recently: the construction of the chapel in Masonville theater in Begles, rehabilitation of Hangar 106 in current music scene in Rouen, or the construction of Astrada, shows room Marciac. They have just completed the rehabilitation of a set of 50 apartments in Begles, currently on display at the Cité de l’Architecture in Paris, and among upcoming projects include among others: Grand M media in Toulouse, the transformation of the hotel building and Gas Accommodation in Bordeaux, the library and the Maison des Associations and environmentally aware life Bouscat, achieving an auditorium in the chapel Corneille in Rouen, or the House of the Hip-Hop – Euro-regional center of urban culture in Lille.