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Atelier Zündel CristeaAZC was founded in 2001 with the idea that ​​exploring architecture and its techniques could help to improve our built environments. Our interest does not lie in inventing concepts, we have always sought to realize buildings for real life’s needs.Through competitions and direct commissions, our office has worked on over a hundred projects of varied scales and uses. Most of our built projects are intended for a wide audience; sports facilities, lecture halls, office buildings and residential, some of which very specific for vulnerable populations. We also have, eight metro stations under construction, including four in Paris and four in Rennes and studies for a new station in Lyon, are ongoing.Through some recently completed buildings, which have different purposes, we want to share our current concerns of coherence with global and local contexts which today represent the major issues of architecture.
We are not alone in the projects process, our clients and our partners share this common experience, which is engaging and meaningful; they allow us to reflect on our own actions that relate to the projects. We aspire to a high quality in any form of collaboration.Most of our work has been published, displayed, sometimes awarded and we have often been given the opportunity to speak on topics of sustainability, diversity and innovative techniques, which all illustrate our commitments.