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Barré Lambot ArchitectesBarré Lambot Architectes, the studio of architects Philippe Barré and Agnès Lambot, created a building that is a manifesto of timber and its uses in architecture for the French timber centre Atlantis.

The two of them are associates since 1999. They now working on various projects ranging from housing and offices as part of the development of the Ile de Nantes to Brest laboratories, through public facilities, etc.

At the dawn of the 2010s, Barré Lambot Architectes engaged the way of looking great buildings after twenty years of patient reflection. After the experience of major programs and patiently matured for two decades demanding architecture housing, public facilities and civic programs, the fall of 2014, they do their first exhibition on materials.

Combining materials, models and works of visual artists, iconography, maps and geography, condenses the imagination of the agency. Disciplines carve territories, while the objects belong to all. The architecture is always situated at the crossroads precarious slopes and poorly firebreaks, cleared the project calling us constantly pushing reconnaissance towards different horizons.

The exhibition presents the work and thinking of materials that have allowed Barré Lambot Architectes to establish great reputation, increasing their mark on urban construction in France.

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