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baumraumThe architectural office baumraum, located in Bremen, Northern Germany, is specialized in the planning of experimental constructions on the ground, in trees and by or on water. Since 2003 baumraum has planned and built inspiring dwellings for children and adults – from small playhuts for games and activities to exclusive permanent abodes. baumraum specializes in planning and realization of treehouses. The constructions designed by baumraum are noted for their originality and inspiring creativity. Individual concepts are designed for private clients, hotels and catering businesses, forest environment and for special events. The safety and durability of the constructions are of primary importance. The main concern thereby is to handle the trees and their surroundings with the utmost care, ensuring their protection and preservation. The treehouses are not anchored by bolts or nails or any other measures, which might injure the trees, but rather by textile belts and adjustable steel cables, harmless to them. The principal material used is domestic timber with its excellent properties like sustainability, water resistance and colour. But even metal, textiles and plastics are potential materials for the architects. baumraum combines the creative and constructive expertise of architects with the long-standing experience of landscape designers, tree experts, and established, reputable craftsmen. The architects design suitable projects both in the natural and the urban environment. So far they have realized more than 40 projects in Europe – Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Hungary – but also in Brazil and the USA. For further information and an overview of the treehouse designs and other projects realized by baumraum visit our website at