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About Beckmann N’thepe Architectes

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Beckmann N'thepe ArchitectesThe Beckmann N’Thépé agency is a young French architecture SARL (limited company), founded in 2002. Directed by two associates, Aldric Beckmann (qualified architect, graduated with a DPLG in 1995) and Françoise N’Thépé (qualified architect, graduated with a DESA in 1999), it consists of a team of 10 to 15 people.

The agency was born out of the common desire of the two associates to pool their skills and propose a contemporary vision of architecture. Work is also carried out in the fields of urbanism and scenography. Over the years the agency has built sufficient know-how to tackle a wide range of programmes, in both renovation and new buildings (cultural, social and administrative structures, housing). It cooperates on a regular basis with established design offices and other key players in order to extend the scope of its activities.

In addition to their responsibilities as architects, they also participate in numerous juries, conferences and round tables. They are also involved in the teaching of architecture, especially through workshops. In particular, Françoise N’Thépé worked as visiting professor at the Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture (Paris 14th arrondissement) in 2004-2005, while Aldric Beckmann participated in the ANAT (Atelier National d’Art du Textile, Paris 11th arrondissement) in 2006-2007.

Bidding for public prime contractorship contracts as well as private projects, the agency is based on spacious 160 m2 premises and is equipped with a computer system powerful enough to handle the largest workloads. Consultants, advisers and experts are regularly called in to help the permanent core team, depending on the projects in hand.