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About B2Ai

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B2Ai, before known as BURO II & ARCHI+I, is a multidisciplinary architecture group with design studios in Brussels, Ghent, Roeselare, and Lille. Architecture is not an end in itself for the 120 people who work here. B2Ai analyses how people experience a space based on architectural, sociological, and economic aspects. The basis for our designs are the people who live and work in and around our buildings. The design and engineering studios utilize their professional knowledge to create feasible, human-focused designs for the most complex projects.

The agency forms a solid group of some 120 collaborators working from offices in Brussels (B), Gent (B), Roeselare (B) and Lille (Fr). Hendrik Vermoortel and Philémon Wachtelaer form the board of directors. Rita Agneessens, Geert Blervacq, Tom Vandorpe and Pieterjan Vermoortel are the four partners.  The associated partners at BURO II & ARCHI+I are Gaëtan Beague, Bart Decloedt, Rien Gellynck, Herman Jult, Mathias Kerremans, Claude Labeeuw, Christian Troosters, Joke Vandromme, Michel Van der Beken and Isabel Vlaeminck.