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Chartier-Corbasson ArchitectsIn 2013, the Chartier-Corbasson architects agency received a prestigious award, the “Prix Dejean”.

This award greets the web that these two architects have spun, characterized by a relevant and consistent work, regularly winning in France and abroad, the pace of a project every two years on average.

The House of architecture, then the regional CCI or the Football Training Center in Amiens, as well as the housing of Turenne Street or the Paul Belmondo Museum in Boulogne tenaciously reveal their attention to places and men, their willingness to “handle the project” from the general idea to the finishing detail, with the commitment that characterize them. They both undoubtedly have evolved since their first experiences in large Parisian agencies before creating their own, a four hands agency, modeled on the new century.

Their projects are consecutive but all different thought there is something telluric in their way to make the buildings emerge from the ground. That draws a thread through this work in progress and gives an undeniable force their choices.

Tenacity, consistency, and commitment are words that characterize these two, as well as their appetite for research and technical innovation, which focuses on forms or on materials, and their obvious pleasure to share with entrepreneurs without which nothing would be.

This dimension has not escaped, by the past, to the many juries who hailed their work : laureate of the young Ministry of Culture architecture New albums in 2002, winner of the Bauwelt award for the House of architecture in 2005, exhibition at the French pavilion of the 2008 Venice Biennale, General public award of contemporary architectures of the city of Paris in 2010 for the building of the Rue de Turenne, Silver Medal of International Olympic Committee for the center of Amiens training.