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About CREUSeCARRASCO Arquitectos

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CREUSeCARRASCO Arquitectos1. Architecture explains needs and steps from are to other, the change.
2. We took part in a habitat place. Our concerns about place is and people’s history lie there.
3. This approach is not a submitting process to existing, but a agreement in which we don’t resign to find out other spaces and anther architecture.
4. Demands and intervention parameters are weighted up by real. The places and the building work are qualified by strategy and constructive process thought participation hot imposition.
5. Our work tenses materials and objects, solving connections and pounds between elements. Although using air or light, we succeed in waking the use and contemporary activity flow through them.
6. There is always architecture in a place. The existing selection is part of the work or it is work itself.
7. Memory resumes constructive systems, forms or unexpected changes. Not erasing the work’s time reference makes lets the new things grow stronger.
8. Any non-existing thing must be a hope.
9. Possibility matters more than possession or control in Architecture.
10. That’s why we understand institution as a real space for social rights.