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dellekampDellekamp Arquitectos is dedicated to the development and supervision of architectural projects regardless of scale or program type with a rigorous research methodology. We aim to find unique solutions to the specific conditions of each project in order to maximize its intended budget, image, use, context, and spirit. The coordination and collaboration with various disciplines such as engineering, graphic design, industrial design, environmental engineering, and landscape architecture makes up a great part of our activities, adding value to our team of specialists focused on the accomplishment of integral solutions. Simultaneously, Dellekamp Arquitectos is involved in ongoing architectural research that fosters a laboratory of ideas that can feed our activities. This way, we are constantly a part of the academic and teaching realms, as well as research studies, lectures, publications, biennales and exhibitions.


…aim to explore all architectural approaches.
…embrace all architecture, whether public, residential, and social.
…believe that architecture is an intellectual activity: it responds to the tension between everyday culture and where we stand.
…try to address the urban condition at all levels, making the design of greater relevance to the public.
…strive to discover a narrative specific to each project.
…believe that architecture can change culture.
…like to work with and not for people.
…foster conversations, discussions…reactions.
…care for the environment.
…approach all our projects with a rigorous research.
…think we can learn something every day.
…love a good laugh, humor, curiosity…observation.
…work as a team, so that we are pushed to do our best as individuals. Scroll at bottom of page from left to right