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About Diaz y Diaz Arquitectos

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Diaz y Diaz ArquitectosDiaz y Diaz Arquitectos SLP is an architectural practice based in Galicia, formed by the architects Gustavo Díaz García (1952) E.T.S.A.M and Lucas Díaz Sierra (1974) E.T.S.A.B, with its main offices in La Coruña and Madrid. The practice integrates a wide team of Architecture Associates from several nations. They have received several awards in the different fields of their activity: New construction, Rehabilitation, Urbanism and Interior design.

They develop a wide range of works, both of public and private sector, integrating institutional, administrative and public service (cultural, educational, sports, commercial equipment, etc), and collective or single housing, taking a special care to the competitions.

They have collaborated with different institutions in courses, conferences, and exhibitions: College of Architecture of La Coruña, Barcelona and Madrid(Complutense and Alfonso X El Sabio), Architectural Association of Galicia and Barcelona, The Survey Association, Casa de Galicia en Madrid, The Institute of Architecture de San Francisco (California), etc.

Díaz y Díaz Arquitectos combines the experience of an Architect with over 30 years of profession with the strength of a team of young professionals, which with their enthusiasm and high exigency are elaborating a great variety and very complex projects. From the daily practice on site and the continuous study of the design, they propose a contemporary architecture designed to integrate values such as environmental, sustainability, economy, rationality and a constructive rigor.