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Haworth TompkinsHaworth Tompkins was formed in 1991 by architects Graham Haworth and Steve Tompkins. Our London-based studio has designed buildings in the UK and elsewhere for clients across the public, private and subsidised sectors including schools, galleries, theatres, concert halls, housing, offices, shops and factories.

Our buildings are influenced by the specific chemistry of individual places and cultural situations. We put enormous effort into understanding a building’s context and the needs of its users, a process which often yields original or unconventional solutions. What they have in common is an approach rather than a stylistic signature.

Professionalism and sustainability in the widest sense underpins our creative output. The combination of a relatively small, close-knit team and a carefully limited number of projects in development at any one time enables us to offer an exceptional level of service to our clients. Our work has won over 50 design awards and is published internationally.