Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor

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About Jensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor

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Jensen & Skodvin ArkitektkontorJensen & Skodvin Arkitektkontor is a Norwegian architectural firm established in 1995 by Jan Olav Jensen (born 1959) and Skodvin Borre (born 1960). Their work has been noted and they have received awards in the field.

Both partners were educated at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (1985/1988) and hold part-time positions there. They have previously worked at NSB Architects. Their office has been involved in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration tourist project at Sognefjellsvegen (along with others).

Jensen & Skodvin “follows a design philosophy where the final shape is a result of natural, selected and specified terms. The Liasanden picnic area and the railing on Videseter are simple examples of this”.