Kettle Collective

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About Kettle Collective

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Kettle CollectiveKettle Collective was founded in 2012 by Tony Kettle, and Colin Bone and has already established itself as a leading, multi-award winning International practice. They set out to create a unique design studio, with their headquarters located in Edinburgh, committed to high performance and energy efficient design on an International scale.

The ethos of Kettle Collective is true collaboration, hence ‘Collective’, collaboration with other designers, engineers, cost consultants and specialists to individually tailor a bespoke design team for each project. During this collaborative process the aim is to create vibrant and sustainable projects with the belief that the space they live in directly influences the quality of our lives.

Their design collective works on an exchange of thoughts and ideas, a cross fertilisation of cultures and experience with the common goal of finding a unique solution. Once defined, the whole team supports the delivery of that idea through every stage of the design and construction process.

Kettle Collective is engaged on a number of large scale projects across the UK, Middle East and Russia and is currently expanding its workforce and headquarters in Edinburgh.