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L3P ArchitektenPHILOSOPHY / METHOD OF OPERATION: Develop – Draft – Modelling – Challenge – Change – Detail – Refine. These steps accompany us every day and are the basis and motivation of our creativity. All these facets make our profession to a calling. Together with our clients or as our own contractor we develop sustainable concepts and constructions. Part of this is the responsible handling of valuable ground and resources. Space , proportions, materiality, colourfulness, lighting and light direction are parameters which are object-specifically designed and further developed until a WHOLE is produced.

INFORMATION: Our agency was founded in 1966 by Rolf Lüthi, Arch. SIA. In 1999 the sole-proprietorship was made into a corporation. Markus Müller and Martin Reusser, dipl. Arch. FH, joined the company as partners and so Lüthi + Partner Architects AG was formed. The office is a low energy consumption specialist partner since 2006. Our office is well-known in the areas of energy assessment and remedial action. For the assessment of structural problems and damage assessment our office has its own thermography camera.Martin Reusser and Markus Müller took over the operative management of the office at the beginning of 2008. Furthermore, Boris Egli, dipl. Architect FH, an experience worker, joined the management as a new partner. In 2009 the transformation from Lüthi+Partner AG to L3P Architects AG was completed. Successful collaboration within joint ventures was the reason Frank Schäfer, dipl. Arch. ETH joined the company as a new partner at the beginning of 2011. A large amount of contracts coming from government authorities are a result of open competition.

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