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About Lluís Muncunill

Louis Muncunill was an architect modernist Catalan. Developed its core business in Terrassa, where it is a leader in the application of the modernist industrial architecture. Between 1892 and 1903 he was municipal architect and was the most prolific took the city, which has left buildings for various uses and defining new types of industrial buildings. The variety constructive allowed him to set up the urban image of the Sun modernist resorting to the use of covered brick vaults plan, tied with iron braces, supported on pillars of cast iron.

The conception that had Muncunill of modernism was limited to the application of decorative elements from the Art Nouveau facades, leaving aside the “hype modernists” in his words. In contrast, the defender was vision Gaudí building as an integrator body parts and a clear functional orientation. This concept derived directly from an organic theory of Viollet-le-Duc, defender of Gothic architecture over the traditional, as coherently integrates elements sustaining and sustained. The theory organicista influenced much of Catalan modernist architect.

The expression of these ideas was reflected in an article called “Modern Architecture” published in 1913. As is expressed, “Buildings should be designed like trees or the human body, where the internal constitution harmonizes the external shape of each individual. ” But for him this integration goes further and suggests that the proposal Gothic adaptation sustaining natural elements to be integrated, eliminating burdensome buttresses. Thus, comparing the integration of the bones and tendons in the human body, said: “The internal straps are not contrary to the truth of art […] we can create straps hidden vaults and arches and no one thinks it is a false construction, like to see a man standing indicates that the bone is in the flesh, but not seen.

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