Makoto Sei Watanabe

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Makoto Sei WatanabeMakoto Sei Watanabe (born 1952) is a Japanese architect living in Tokyo. He designed such buildings as Japan’s K Museum, has lectured at universities around Japan, and won many awards for his designs. He is the author of The Induction Cities, published in 2002.

Makoto Sei Watanabe was born in Yokohama, Japan. He studied architecture at the Yokohama National University and graduated in 1976. He worked under Arata Isozaki in Tokyo until starting his own firm, the Makoto Sei Watanabe Architectural Office, in 1984.

Makoto Sei Watanabe ‘s designs are characterized by a modern approach, using computers and mathematical algorithms to generate his styles. He writes about this type of style in The Induction Cities, published in 2002. He is also the subject of Makoto Sei Watanabe: Conceiving the City, published by l’Arca Edizioni in 1999.[2] Most recently, he published a book in 2009 titled Algorithmic Design, which further explores his computerized method of designing structures.